What's Brewing in New Jersey?

Microbreweries produce small batches of beer for sale to wholesalers and retailers both inside and outside New Jersey. That means you can purchase New Jersey craft brewed beer from the shelves of liquor stores and in pubs around the country. Thanks to a 2012 law change, microbreweries are now allowed to sell up to 1/2 keg (or approximately 6 cases) of beer for consumption off premise. Also, as part of a brewery tour, consumers are allowed to purchase beer for consumption on premise. Breweries are not allowed to operate a restaurant or sell food. This is an opportunity for people to enhance their educational tour experience with an on-site tasting. Because we value our relationships with our restaurant and tavern partners, the law was purposely designed to not allow breweries to operate like a bar or restaurant.

Brewpubs are restaurants that produce small batches of craft brewed on site and may sell their own beer by the glass for consumption on premise. They may also sell their beer for carry out in bottles, jugs known as "growlers" and in kegs. The new law allows brewpubs for the first time to sell their beer off the premises to licensed retailers throughout the state through a New Jersey beer wholesaler.


Guild Expanding Membership Categories

Based on numerous requests and the rapid pace of growth in the state's brewing industry, the Guild has created new categories of membership for Startup Breweries, Contract Brewers, Allied Trade Members and Retailers. You can read all the details here.

For specific questions email us.

logo Guild Welcomes Angry Erik

The Garden State Craft Brewers Guild continues to grow. Our newest member is Angry Erik Brewing Company. Since Angry Erik opened six weeks ago demand has outpaced their two 10 Barrel fermentors. They have purchased another 10 Barrel Fermentor which should arrive in a week or two and they are looking forward to the increased production capacity.

Be sure to check out their website and to visit them on Facebook.

logo Flounder Looking Up

Flounder Brewing Company will be upgrading their system and expanding it out to a whopping two barrels during the month of April. They will be celebrating by participating in the Garden State Beerfest in Berkely Heights before opening back up for tours and tastings in late May.

On Thursday, April 10th Flounder will be joining others from the New Jersey Beer scene at Harvest Moon. They will tap a collaboration beer organized by New Jersey Craft Beer between Flounder Brewing, Harvest Moon, Pizzeria Uno, and Tuckahoe as well as contract brewer Bolero Snort and breweries in planning Spellbound and Departed Soles as well as Love2Brew homebrew shop and East Coast Yeast. It was a fun project with some great people and Flounder looks forward to everyone coming out and having a toast with them.

logo Taste the Collaboration at Harvest Moon on Thursday, April 10

The official release party for the New Jersey Craft Beer collaboration will be held at the Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe on Thursday, April 10th. It will coincide with their monthly cask night and there will be a number of special beers and surprises!

Harvest Moon just released their Mosaic Rye Pale Ale and the end of the month will see their much anticipated Maibock hit the taps.

logo Tuckahoe to Release Marshallville Wit in Late April

Tuckahoe Brewing Company brewed their own take on the New Jersey Craft Beer Dark Rye Saison collaboration which was a wild New Jersey version. They isolated a yeast strain that was growing wild in the forests of South Jersey and, while culturing up the initial population of cells, were pleased with the aromas and flavors the yeast was producing. They ran a small scale test batch to see how the yeast would handle a true wort, and the results were very positive. The pleasant esters and phenols the yeast produced resembled some of the traditionally coveted "Belgian flavors". This made it fun and easy to choose to fully ferment their version of the NJCB collaboration with this little piece of New Jersey.

Marshallville Wit is a Belgian Witbier that uses Pilsen malt and white wheat in the mash, Hallertau hops, coriander, and seeds of paradise in the boil, and a unique strain of Belgian yeast that enhances spiciness. The flavor profile is characterized by citrus aromatics and mild pepper notes. It will be featured at the brewery and several other shore bars in Cape May and Atlantic Counties.

Historically, different styles of beers were brewed in different regions and in different seasons for numerous reasons including climate, available ingredients, and water profile. The spices that go into the Tuckahoe warm weather beer, Marshallville Wit, add citrus, vanilla, and subtle black pepper notes. This, along with the low ABV, natural wheat tartness, and light color, creates a perfect thirst quencher. This is what people look for in a summer beer when they vacation at the beach; it is refreshing, light in body, full of fruit spiciness, and goes well with seafood or other light fare.

Tuckahoe Events

Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub Three Seasonals Featured at Krogh's

Krogh's Restaurant & Brew Pub, 23 White Deer Plaza in picturesque Lake Mohawk, Sparta, features three seasonals. The first is Sullivan's Irish Stout, which is currently on tap. Mia's IPA follows the stout and then Maddie's Maibock. As for Krogh's Cask-Conditioned Ales, a Jewish Rye IPA Cask is currently on tap; this is a dry-hopped IPA flavored with caraway seed. The next Cask is a "Sticke" Bier, which is a ramped-up Altbier with an AbV of 7.5%! With no exact tap dates scheduled, please call ahead to check for availability at 973-729-8428, find them online at kroghs.com or on Facebook.

logo Cape May Brewing is Bringing Sexy Bock

350 label

The brewers at Cape May Brewing Company are Bringing Sexy Bock! Their sexiest beer yet, this amber bock crafted using Vienna and Munich malts is a little sweet and a lot malty with a nice bready flavor. Bringing Sexy Bock, at 6.6% ABV, is the third lager to be released by Cape May Brewing Co. It joins their Oktoberfest, released fall 2013, and the Hell Yeah! Helles Lager, currently on tap.

In the hopes that spring will arrive soon, they have also brewed new release Foreshore, a cherry-lime shandy. The brainchild of staff member Courtney, their go-to girl for graphic design work and 90's boy band trivia, Foreshore will hit the taps just before Easter weekend.

Cape May Brewing Co continues to expand their bottle distribution, and you can now find Sawyer's Swap Barley Wine alongside the Devil's Reach Belgian Ale in many liquor stores throughout South Jersey. Check the Beer Finder on their website to find a place near you.

Their taproom is now open every day from 12-8 PM for tours, tastings and growler fills, and they hope to see you all there soon!

logo Village Idiot Reduces Gluten in Bridgetown Blonde

The latest from Village Idiot Brewing Company:

A blonde calls Village Idiot Brewing Company and asks, "How long will it take me to drive to Mt. Holly from north Jersey?" Vince pauses to ask Rich (who is originally from north Jersey) and says to the blonde, "One minute...," The blonde says, "Thank you very much," and hangs up <rimshot>. Blondes, it seems, have been the butt of jokes for eternity but, we have an exciting new twist on our flagship Bridgetown Blonde that's no joke: reduced gluten. After numerous inquiries from craft beer enthusiasts who want to enjoy our beer but suffer from a sensitivity to gluten, we discovered a product that will significantly reduce the presence of gluten in beer. In fact, according to our supplier, most beers tested fall below the current standard for "gluten-free," which is 20 parts-per-million (ppm). We're so excited that we've included the hard-working enzyme into all of our small batch, handcrafted beers and will phase in the gluten-reduced brews as our current offerings are depleted. Remember, our beers are only available at our unique brewery and tasting room located right on High Street in Mt. Holly so please make plans to stop by. Best place for information about what's on tap? Visit our Facebook page. Blondes, brunettes, redheads and follicly-challenged individuals welcome.

And, be sure to check out the debut edition of New Jersey Brew magazine. We were fortunate to be featured as the cover story in this brand-new publication created especially for the craft beer enthusiasts of the Garden State. There's a list of locations where it's available on their page and we have a limited supply available at the brewery.

Cricket Hill Brewing Company Cricket Hill Releases Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale

Cricket Hill has released its 2014 Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale!! This is a yearly favorite that is billed as a gateway Belgian with the classic tangy fruit and clove taste. You fight your way down the Garden State Parkway on Friday after work, you finally get down the Shore and stop for much too long at the nearest Gin mill just to unwind. The next morning you wake up, open the refrigerator and staring at you is a Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale and some Taylor Ham, cheese and bagels. You grab all four and have yourself a breakfast! The party starts right then and right there, and you started it! Get those other lazy clowns out of bed and get to the beach! Welcome to the Summer!

5.0% ABV, 19.5 IBU perfect for breakfast.

logo April Updates from River Horse Brewing Company

Events this month:

River Horse Tours:
Tours run every Saturday and Sunday from 12-5PM and include 4 -- 4oz. beer samples. Tours require reservations through the links provided on our website. Only $5 per person, pay when you arrive. Merchandise is also available in our gift shop Friday -- Sunday 12-5PM. Be sure to stop by and check out the new facility!

Upcoming Beer:
River Horse Berliner Weisse is a 4.0% ABV German style wheat beer with a refreshing and slightly tart finish.

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