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In New Jersey, there are Limited and Restricted Breweries. With Limited Breweries, the beer is made on site and there is likely to be a taproom where you can enjoy a pint or two. Limited Breweries are not allowed to sell you food, but most are ok with you bringing your own. Restricted Breweries, or Brewpubs, also have a Class C liquor license and sell premium cocktails, food, and other items. Click HERE to see our list of members! (Brewpubs are denoted with an * under the logo.)


We all started here! Check out our friends just getting going. They’ve got the recipes and dream and are hard at work building tomorrow’s NJ Craft Breweries.  Click HERE to see member Breweries-in-Planning.

Allied Trade

Our Allied Trade members represent the many businesses that support our industry. From accountants to grain suppliers, plumbers to label printers, these companies keep the beer flowing! Click HERE to see a list of members.


The mission for which the New Jersey Brewers Association is formed is to protect, promote, represent and educate its members and customers of the brewing industry and to work for an environment conducive to the healthy economic growth of our industry in the state. By supporting the craft brewing industry, we encourage a unity of purpose and concerted effort to enhance the achievement of our business, civic, political and social goals. 

Membership is broken into several classifications: Craft Brewery, Craft Producer, Associate, Brewery-In-Planning Level 1, Brewery-In-Planning Level 2, Allied Trade, Retail & Media. We also have a first year rate for our new or lapsed members. For more information on the different memberships and to join the Guild, please click HERE. 

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